The Truth Of A Lie

It is not uncommon for us to hear,” It is beyond your control” and “You cannot afford it.”

You can defend the truth of these statements as if they are Gospels if you want. I won’t.

The incongruity of my position may alarm you, to which you could say,” Either I am right, or you are wrong, but both can’t be true.

I’ll concede the point. Sort of. If the perspective you take on this issue leaves you with an expanded horizon, you are right. If, on the other hand, the perspective you take reduces your horizons and forecloses your growth and development, you are awfully wrong.

As you see it, I suspect, what you think of the issue, the statements alleged “is neither here or there.” To which I’ll say, “Perhaps.”

Let’s start this way: Assume the truth of the statements renders you powerless. We need not query or verify the statement’s accuracy. Your conviction is not only suggested; it is assumed and agreed upon as the default.

That, you could argue, is a reality to which you are enlightened and merely concedes. On the other hand, I would say you are acceding to this important issue and making a concession that, if challenged or looked at from a different angle, gives a different outcome.

Faced with the two statements, I resort to affirming the power invested in me. This allows me to inquire, become introspective, and seek ways to leverage this power to impact the implied powerlessness that the statements suggested positively.

With any success of this approach, we break and reduce the stranglehold of the powerless to which we are conscripted when we agree with these statements. For what these statements do, in purporting to be reality written in stone, they merely invert reality by asking you to affirm the security of the prison from which you cannot escape.

Once you or I accept that our prisons are secure dungeons from which no one escapes, even with doors wide open, we are lifers until we are rescued physically.

The issue here is not the truth of what we see or have been told but that we have been persuaded to believe life and reality according to how others have commandeered us to see it.

The truth of anything is not in what you see but in how you see.

A correlation to that is that the more things you find to be in your control, the fewer things you cannot control, and even with that, the more you cannot control break your way.

Much of what we experience in terms of lack and inability to direct or positively influence our affairs is our becoming convinced of our powerlessness. Nothing inherent in us makes or renders us powerless, save for our agreement with a lie that – unless successfully challenged- is on its way to becoming true.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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