The Tale Of The Missing Hong Kong’s Booksellers

The speculation is now over as the four of the five Hong Kong’s booksellers have now returned home.

10 Books To Read Before You DieThe booksellers mysteriously disappeared last year and were later discovered locked away in Chinese prisons.

The Police in China confirmed their confinement but not before weeks of speculation.

They reportedly told the police in Hong Kong that the booksellers were suspected of “illegal activities.”

Today, all except one of the booksellers have returned home to their families.

The booksellers named in what is described as a bizarre scenario are:

1. Lui Bo, general manager.Went missing:Shenzhen, 15 October 2015 Returned: March 2016

2. Cheung Jiping, business manager.Went missing:Dongguan, 15 October Returned: March 2016

3. Gui Minhai, co-owner.Went missing:Thailand, 17 October Still missing

4. Lam Wing Kee, manager.Went missing:Shenzhen, 23 October Returned: June 2016

5. Lee Bo, shareholder.Went missing:30 December – he says from the mainland; Mr. Lam says it was from Hong Kong Returned: March 2016

Carol Maye, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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