The Search For God At Harvard

The novel titled, The Search For God At Harvard by Ari L. Goldman is not only inspirational but also educational.

The following is Dallas Librarian Catherine Ritchie’s take on this book:

In 1985, New York Times religion reporter Goldman – currently a Professor of Journalism at Columbia University – was granted leave to take a year of classes at Harvard University’s Divinity School.

An observant Orthodox Jew himself, Goldman would ostensibly use the sabbatical to shore up his knowledge of all faiths as a career boon for his reporting. But his “search for God” during those months would enrich and challenge his life far more than anticipated.

He blends his astute observations regarding the state of religion in the mid-1980s American society with his own fascinating back story -mainly how he was able to reconcile his passion for newspaper work with the demands of his faith.

Goldman is a wonderful writer, thoughtful while very accessible, and I always enjoy re-experiencing this pivotal sojourn in his career and personal life.

This continues to be one of my all-time favorite memoirs, thanks to Goldman as a talented societal observer who would bring the same sensitivity and intellectual curiosity to his subsequent books, including his 2014 title, The Late Starters Orchestra, which I also recommend. Ari Goldman lives his Judaism joyously and invites us all to share in its bounty.

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