The Risk Of Failure

One can define failure in such a way that it puts you in conflict with yourself. That, like in anything in which you persist to get comfortable being in conflict with yourself, is dangerous. It’s akin to a frog getting comfortable or being OK in “warm” waters.

Many of us use a definition-not unrelated to our upbringing- where failure is to put at risk a bird in hand reaching for two in the bush. This tension of “what to do”- call it temptation if you will- is necessary, vital even, for premising the basis by which we make decisions.

Do we fear falling and the consequences to our ego such that we would rather not climb? And is the fact that we did not climb and fall a success?

We can become distinguished by what we did not do and call it a success, but that “success” of non-accomplishment is driven by fear.

Non-accomplishments do not change circumstances for the better. They massage and self-love our egos. That success is a guaranteed failure.

Reaching for the stars and not achieving or reaching them doesn’t prove they were out of reach. It proves you have a lot to learn and hopefully the stars will learn too who you are.

Failure then is not non-attainment. It is to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.  It is to accept abuse and belittling of who you are so you can be housed, fed, and bedded. It is to find Salvation in chicken back that is bruising to you spirit while thinking that chicken breast cost too much or is unaffordable.

It is clipping coupons and hunting discounts when there are no emergencies, and not realizing that this will train and trigger you such that you are perennially in a crisis where you need coupons and discounts to survive. In short, we make our heaven by creating a living hell.

Failure is to be admonished by our ego or our fear about what life is or how it can be risked or secured. If the stars beckon with a wink wake up and nod. Be Amazing.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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