The Readers Bureau 2015 Predictions

RB  2015 Predictions

So, we made 10 predictions for 2014 and got 60% correct – not bad for a first attempt and by forecasting standard.

Now, it’s time for us to make our 2015 predictions even though we are cognizant that no one really knows the future and making predictions could be at best described as a folly or a fool’s errand.

Notwithstanding, The Readers Bureau has picked up on some trends in 2014 and sees no reason for us not witnessing the following in 2015:

1) Two important Latin America and Caribbean leaders will make their transition to another life.

2) A natural disaster with global implications.

3) Russia will erupt politically and socially.

4) The British Crown will be lifted.

5) Obama will continue to shake up the status quo.

6) Israel erupts in upheaval.

7) Middle East unrest will heighten.

8) Shake up in Pakistan – a country to watch.

9) Shocking advance in Technology.

10) North Korea continues its temper tantrum.

Readers Bureau, Contributor

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