The Making Of Tomorrow

We arrived at an impasse about Tomorrow. Having become accustomed to Yesterday and moreover Today, the glee with which Tomorrow’s way should be polished and shone is instead shunned.

That is a bridge too far for it, mars.

The latter point, you contend, and a great many others have, too, is merely describing a discovery. It is a point I could concede, assuming its net effect did not also powerfully affect and become the scattering seeds to weeds. At that point, the discovery is not so much of what was but more of what will be, even before the seeds have found a corrupted ground.

Unbeknownst to us at first, the discovery is an unquenchable thirst. And if that thirst is slacked from a frustrated well, there cannot be but bloody hell.

Have we not ever disagreed on fact, where the manner of what we understand from our gruesome injury- not someone else unconnected to our trauma- was dismissed as highfaluting drama? As if we indulged our weeping and wailing to be high art and riveting entertainment, compelling others who do not know so much loss and bereavement to see our suffering as the stuff of books and blockbuster movies?

Who can forget “The Harder They Come” with our own Jimmy Cliff or “No Woman No Cry”, with our Bob Marley and The Wailers? Must we, too, wail and grieve, suffer endless tales of heartbreak so we too can sing and dance, aspire to be runners, ballers, and Dance Hall powerhouse to be somebody and a Hero to a blood-soaked country?

Someone has said, “It is a story to be told.” It is a story not to be lived, I think. But I will not say that yet, or aloud. But it will become necessary.  For the moment, we need to resolve our understanding of how Tomorrow will devolve or evolve. I do not take Tomorrow because Today is inadequate. I do not take Tomorrow because it promises me more than today. I take Tomorrow because it asks more of me than to be satisfied or resigned to a blathering frenzy of “I know my own pain” today.

We come to gaps in our understanding of unfolding events, much like explorers who must figure out how to cross snake and crocodile-infested waters and have the resolve not to lose a single man or make desolate the place the animals call home. What that looks like is not a vision of sacrifice but one of commitment and building bridges that sustain.

How, then, shall we color our Tomorrow so that we do not hurt and wail to be heroes in our own eyes? Let us consider that impasse so we can get out of our own way. Be Amazing!

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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