The Liver

Dr. Anthony Vendryes, the renowned Jamaican physician in an article on, noted that the liver is a large and important organ located in the upper right side of the abdomen, below the rib cage and diaphragm.

Photo Credit: Tvanbr - Anatomy of the human abdomen.
Photo Credit: Tvanbr – Anatomy of the human abdomen.

He stated that it is dark red in color and holds about one pint of the body’s total blood volume at any given time.

He further explained that the liver regulates the levels of many substances in the bloodstream, and all the blood flowing from the digestive tract must pass through the liver to be processed.

He said, “experts have identified more than 500 vital functions that the human liver performs and it is a very important organ for cleansing the blood and body. All the food and drink we consume, the drugs we use and all the environmental chemicals that enter our body pass through the liver for detoxification when necessary. In the process of detoxification (making toxins harmless), it creates a dark green liquid called bile. The bile is then passed into the small intestines where it helps to digest fats while carrying away waste products from the liver.”

He argued that today, modern lifestyle and diet with its toxic load puts a great burden on the liver.

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