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The Lamentation Of Windies Performance

While fans and pundits lament the performance of the Windies against India and now Pakistan, it’s important to keep the scores of the following team’s latest performance below in mind.

India 557/5d v New Zealand 28/0 (9 ov)

Australia 167 v South Africa 168/4 (35.3/50 ov) South Africa won by 6 wickets (with 87 balls remaining)

Bangladesh 238/ v England 204 (44.4/50 ov)

Bangladesh won by 34 runs

PCB Pat XI 308 v West Indies 297 (132.5 ov)

cricket BallNow, does this excuse Windies poor performance against their opposition, God forbid, no!

What it means is that the West Indies is a weak team, made up of young cricketers just trying to find their path in world cricket.

The sooner the young guns like Brathwaite, Holder, Blackwood, Chase, Joseph, Dowrich, Hope, et al. settled in their team role, the Windies will be in good stead to compete effectively against any team and win.

The fact is players have to take personal responsibility for their performance and ought to be held accountable when their game is not up to par.

Given the shellacking of the West Indies by Pakistan in the T20 and ODI series, a lot of blame is being placed on the WICB.

However, the truth is the board does not play cricket and in the end the onus rests with players to match their game with their talents.

Players must find it in themselves to determine their own fate regardless of what obtains in the external environment.

All the great West Indies players of the past did not have it as good as the current players in terms of remuneration and rewards, yet they were able to command wins across all continents.

The question is why? Of course, one can conjure and posit all types of attributions.

However, one hears the self-serving bias all the time from players in their man of the match award interviews — I put in the hard work and the hard work pays off.

The fact is the restructuring of the board or not, it is the players’ self-efficacy in the end that counts.

Now, there are many pundits who decry the structure of the current board and actions taken by its members without understanding the politics behind the scene.

But, as Bob Marley says “if night should turn to day, now, a lot of people would run away,” so, one should be very careful in attributing blame for West Indies performance solely on the WICB.

Truth be told, the board has had men who boast political and business acumen but still the performance of players has not been anywhere near expectations.

Until players put in the hard work, a la the Lara, Walsh, Chanderpaul, et al. of this world, Windies cricket will be south of the river.

Carol Maye, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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