The Gospel Of “Us Against Them”

The gospel of “Us Against them” in which our enemies become our footstools- with God’s help- is an intriguing mindset. It begs the question, “Who would you be without your enemies?”

Have you noticed that “The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory” is our default and preferred battle cry? Sigh! Talk about answered prayers as we spill blood and force our protagonist into scripted roles of “scripture”, where we wage war to secure peace at our enemies’ expense. Is this “Blessed are the Peacemakers?” Or the unmistakable preamble of Warmongering?

The crux of our dilemma in wholeheartedly embracing a gospel of “us against them, or me against the world” is that we summon strength and effort to fight an external enemy. That mythology leads and encourages conflict to lionize who we are.

If you are asked to fix a problem while an enemy is at your throat, the gospel of us against them is going to give you excusable permission to get rid of or render your enemy just short of his life.  Sounds reasonable?

But what if “you are the man” as Nathan pointed out to King David?

This idea of confronting an external problem or enemy first before addressing whatever flaw we have is akin to the dog with his bone leaping in the pool to fix what is broken. Oops! I did it again! Or as Shakespeare discovered, “The fault, Dear Brutus is.”

With an enemy at your throat exercise great care for your enemy’s welfare. The path to peace is not stained with his blood, or better his blood than mine.      The conundrum of who first mess with whom is a nonstarter. We start not with a response but with our responsibility.

“But what if he strikes me while I disarm?”

In the gospel of us against them, there comes a point where you have more to fear and lose from your own misunderstanding of who the enemy is. Your enemies’ welfare is A Sacred Trust.

Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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