The Faux Pas of Faux

There are many things that us gals do to ourselves for the sake of beauty, and have done so ever since the beginning of time. Taking a step back and really looking at what these things are can be a bit of a wake up call. Often we suffer from random ailments, which we tend to blame on things such as work, stress, lack of sleep, a tough workout, not drinking enough water, overdoing it, drinking too much wine… and the list goes on! However, rarely do we actually stop and say “you know what, this sore back is fashion-related!” or “that skin rash is not the fashion statement I was going for!”

It’s long overdue, so let’s take a good look inside our fashionable little lives and get real about a few fashion faux pas every fashionista should be aware of!

The Faux Pas 2Got an itch in your pants? Well don’t be a scaredy pants, chuck out those pants! Turns out many infections down south are due to wearing those sexy lacey thongs. The materials used for these delightful delicates are generally synthetic and non-breathable, and therefore tend to carry bacteria around like a magnet. Gross, I know! Worst of them all are thongs, as these tend to carry them from front to back and are often to blame for those nasty yeast infections and UTIs. So, you wanna stay sexy underneath it all? Then absolutely stay sexy, but try wearing a cute and sexy bikini cut instead, and steer toward more breathable materials like cotton instead of polyester, nylon or spandex. I promise you, there are some non-lacey little briefs out there that are hot, hot, hot!

Next on the faux pas list… washing detergent! Who would’ve thought, right? Well, this can also be a cause of the itch down south, or any itch or rash you might develop anywhere on your body. Often people think they have food allergies or other sorts of issues, when it really all goes back to the one thing they have not thought of, their washing detergent. If you do have sensitive skin, try using a detergent with natural ingredients, versus the generic kind. Also in this mix is dry cleaning, so perhaps swapping over to a dry cleaner that uses natural detergents is a good option.

Ok, now the next one is very “fashionista controversial” as it does involve accessories. Agghhh! I know, accessories are a girl’s best friend, and the last thing we need to hear is that we need to get rid of them! Well, hold your horse’s, I come baring good news. You know that awesome trendy faux leather bag that you can fit everything into and that goes with everything? That bag you call your Mary Poppins bag? Well, this wonderbag could actually not be wonderful for your back. If you constantly have a sore back, tight muscles, or feel like you need your back cracked all the time, then you are most likely a naughty bag carrier.  We tend to fill our gorgeous bags up to the brim, and end up carrying lots of weight on one side of our bodies, and this is where the back problems and misalignments all begin. So the answer to this problem is…. be a bag lady! Carry a couple of bags evenly on both sides, or have a trendy non-backpack-looking-backpack for the days you really need to carry your body weight in a bag.

That being said, you should never be carrying more than 15% your body weight, so if you are, you must definitely go the roller bag route. There are some stunning little roller bags out there, Vuitton-looking to Billabong-Styling, whatever your style might be there’s one out there just for you. Trust me, you’ll be over-the-moon to parade around your trendy little roller bag once you find “the one” and even happier to be pain free.

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