The Business Of Living Well

In this business of living and living well, we are often confronted and conflicted with the urgency of choice. Oops! I meant presented.

For in the ideal world, or if “time were on our side” and the ducks were neatly lined up, then living well would be embraced without murmur and with alacrity.

Ordinarily, our jaws would hit the floor, but since we are the ones arguing with ourselves or have the scars as medals from friendly fire, our advice to our younger selves doesn’t count only for caution. It insists.

There’s urgency it seems to our inefficiency such that considering the circumstances, “especially since we are in such a hole”, just living grasps for our compassion, empathy, and understanding.

The patterns (of mediocrity) to which we have become accustomed are not only astounding and alarming, but they are also insisting that Living Is a required first step to remedy that which ails us. I beg to intrude rudely on that narrative.

First of all – to borrow a phrase- if we were experts at this business of living we wouldn’t be making a plea to be given crumbs instead of a loaf, or arguing that a bakery that is for sale and for which you are afforded a loan is an unaffordable liability.

Moreover, you are not interested in owning a bakery. Extraordinary! All this while begging for bread!

Given the chance to Live Well or Live, put your thumb on the scale. Moreover, let it be known – as a reminder- around here nobody is running out of time.

We are in sync.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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