The Broken Clock

The fact that a clock is right at least twice per day is curiously inefficient and shouldn’t be considered as evidence of accuracy or credibility. Indeed,  betting against that clock, even allowing for the times it is right, is the best thing to do. You will always come out ahead.

“What if the clock has a special place in your heart?”

“Get it fixed, immediately. The clock will not improve you or its value without intervention.”

I think of Jamaica as the well-loved clock which, even when it is right, it is wrong because it is broken and when it is wrong it doesn’t know it because it has become unmoored from a workable frame of reference. Moreover, its frame of reference if you adhere to it is so costly that it is unaffordable. In short, the hands of the clock do not have any legs to stand on.

Here’s a case in point: A Royal Visit is extended by the political directors and the visitors are ambushed by the same invitees with the public humiliation that we are advanced in our plans to sever relationships with the Monarchy.

In the same breath, our brightest lights are illuminating the darkness they helped to create by demanding reparations for yesterday’s atrocity so that they can use the same money to buy things from the same people who abused and “under developed them” to fix up schools and hospitals.

In which universe do these “bright and intelligent people” live, many of whom are QCs and aspirants to Queen’s Counsel?

The way I understand Black Birds and Powder is not whether the powder is available, but if the birds who control the powder really believe the other black birds’ access to this powder, should be automatic and unfettered?

We know the answer to that. Even when that clock alarms, we are way past being late. That clock should be in a museum at “Outamany.”

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Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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