Chrissy’s Kitchen – The 2013 Christmas Dinner Menu


The 2013 Christmas Dinner MenuHors d’oeuvres

Garlic chicken on toasted whole wheat bread cut in quarters

Smoked turkey bits on crackers

Vegi plate – local celery, broccoli, and carrots with cheddar ,mustard, BBQ sauce, onion and pepper sauce dip.


Tossed salad

Cucumber and avocado salad

One cucumber to one lime squeezed ; ½ cup water, salt, black pepper, chopped wiri wiri (optional) – drag a fork from the top of the cucumber to the bottom all the way around to decorate then slice real thin – use a mandarin – add thinly sliced onion, finely chopped pepper.

Thinly sliced avocado surrounds the cucumber pickle


Stuffed roaster – basted in tangerine/ jerk /olive oil mix

Stuffing – home made whole wheat breadcrumbs, chicken livers, turkey bacon, chopped onions, wiri, wiri, thyme , parsley and raisins, home made chicken stock.

Baked deboned ¾ lb yellow tailed snappers stuffed with bread crumbs and lobster bits served with coconut/white wine/hint of pimento sauce, decorated with limes, parsley and wiri wiri pepper.

Stewed gungo peas with bits of smoked chicken , tiny spinner dumplings – surrounded by slices of smoked chicken breast.

Gungo peas and rice – peas soaked overnight in milk of freshly grated coconut, thyme, green scotch bonnet

Potato, cheese cauliflower and carrot pie decorated with tomatoes , parsley and wiri wiri peppers


Sorrel ice-cream

Christmas Cake with rum sauce/brandy sauce

Crushed shortbread