Thanking Backstabbers

You can use your doubters and haters as motivation, even inspiration to propel yourself to great altitude.

Allegedly, bad mind and backstabbers have whispered their alarms out loud at your maddening gaze and howling at the moon. You can use their ire as your fire and blaze a trail than resign yourself to failure.

You could use a bad lamp’s light, considering your plight, to see your way and take flight. Without cautioning against that strange idea to which many successes pay tributes, “How has it come to be such that you and I have need of bad lamp’s light?”

It may well be the case that we needed haters, doubters, jeerers, backstabbers, piss on foot, Judas, and a few other bosom friends to inspire and remind us to get the hell up out of Dodge. Admittedly, they could have been nicer about it, especially backstabbers and piss on foot. Public humiliation was quite uncalled for. The stigmata of their treachery still wound.

Have you ever wondered, “With friends like these who need enemies”? We do love to play the victim. Don’t?

If bad lamp’s light- whatever his intentions were helps you to find your way, even a little, find a way to tell him thanks and reward him with tangible things and ideas to improve his light.  Don’t forget he too is struggling with the inadequacy of his lamp.

This brings me to the efficacy of using Inefficiency to get ahead. What are we to do with our own doubts and hates which cannot but be internalized?

On a lighter note (don’t be fooled. It’s a trick question), if you are asked to run a race against the fastest man alive, which you have very high odds of losing, would you train for the race and show up in bright colors to run and win, or do enough to come a decent second?

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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