Ten Women You’re Likely To Meet On Your Journey Through Life


Men are bound to meet women who can either make a difference in their lives by adding that sugar and spice and all that is nice stuff or those who will bring them nothing but misery, heartaches, and pains.

Man WomanmanNow, although it is said that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, one will find that not all women are the same. They differ based on their personality, customs, behavior, and social orientation.

So, Hear ye! Hear ye! Men of Mars, let the journey to Venus begin:

1) Ms. Gold Digger: She is a fashionista, a diva, always likes to dress in the latest style and decks out in the most expensive jewelry, possesses a range of wigs, and drives in style. If you are out of cash, the relationship will automatically crash. It’s that simple. If it takes money to win her, it will take money also to keep her.

2) Ms. Dependent: She brings nothing to the table and is always in need. She likes to party and go clubbing. She would rather stay at home than go out to work. She will make sure she bears a child for you so that she can sue you for child support.

3) Ms. Go Getter: She will do two or more jobs. She is smart, sassy, and independent. She is not interested in the possession you have acquired or inherited. She wants nothing from you. Try getting her mad and she will let you know her net worth in no uncertain terms.

4) Ms. Good-looking: She has a body and face worthy of a goddess. She looks like a model, stunningly beautiful, and has an enchanting presence. She cares only about her looks and with her you could easily lose your game to the next player.

5) Ms. Religious: She is heavenly minded, will cite and quote you scriptures at the drop of a hat. She goes to church every Sunday, is prim and proper, and could easily be classified as Ms. Goody Two-Shoes. You hope she will never backslide as she will move to the other extreme in secular behavior.

6) Ms. Virago: She is not afraid to fight and take control of a situation. Ghetto like in behavior, loud, raucous and cantankerous. She will stand by you and defend you with every ounce of strength in her. She could easily embarrass you in public and is the type of woman your family would not enjoy inviting over for dinner.

7) Ms. Freak: She makes request and will do things in the bedroom that will blow your mind if you are not wise to the world. She sees nothing wrong with trying to get it on with your friend or even a family member.

8) Ms. Ambitious: She is always planning for the future. She is committed and dedicated to her goals. She is not easily distracted and will do anything to achieve success. In her quest to achieve her goals, you could be easily ignored or taken for granted.

9) Ms. Shy Girl: She is quiet, reserved, and lacks confidence. She is also humble, supportive, and kind. However, she gets suspicious very easily and could make your life a living hell.

10) Ms. Right aka Ms. Perfect: Foolish men still seek her while others will attest to finding her. She is the woman who makes you feel complete and the one that will make you happy!

Yvad Billings, Staff Reporter