Is Your Man Emotionally Unstable?

When many people think of emotionally unstable, Fatal Attraction comes to mind. While you may never see any hints of rabbits being harmed by man, there are a few other signs that he’s just not that stable:

He’s really thin skinned and can’t take a playful jab. No one likes to be criticized unfairly or in a harsh way but when it comes to playful comments about a hair being out of place or slip of the tongue, there are some who can’t even laugh at themselves. A man that becomes unhinged at the slightest jab, that’s not a good sign.

A man who vacillates between extreme happiness and depression with classic signs of low self-esteem is definitely a tell-tale sign. During times of trauma and devastation, like the death of a loved one, behavior like this is part of the grieving process. But when someone is extremely happy and then a few hours later, they are extremely depressed, that extreme emotional swing could also be a sign of mental instability.

Someone you’re dating dropping by work unexpectedly to take you out to lunch every once in a while is a sign of a romantic affair. But if this happens more than a few times a week without calling first and he’s getting upset because you’re not available, you could be dealing with a potential stalker and need to be wary.

The first time you feel that rush of infatuation can be exhilarating. If that first meeting on Sunday turns into a full-blown declaration of love on Friday, that’s a sign of bigger problems. Many emotionally unstable people hate being single for an extended period of time and tend to jump from one relationship into another within a few days or even weeks of breaking up. That need to rush into a relationship is a classic sign of trouble.

Everybody does that whole “will he call/won’t she call” dance because it’s a part of the anticipation. But if he calls you and things come up, leaving you unable to return his call, the normal response would be to leave a quick follow up message or just wait. For someone who is emotionally unstable, your lack of response could be interpreted as avoidance or maltreatment and could result in several call backs in a short space of time.

Any one of these cases is could be a sign that you’re dealing with an emotionally unstable person that has serious problems creating healthy connections and respecting boundaries. One of the best things to do is to speak your peace and if necessary, distance yourself.

Contributor, Readers Bureau

Edited by Jesus Chan

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