Tallest Water Fall In The World

Venezuela is a beautiful country rich with natural wonders. Many of these natural wonders are hidden from view in thick jungle, such that many of them were not discovered until the last century. Angel Falls is one of these mysteries that took a long time to be revealed to the public.

Discovered in 1933, Angel Falls is the tallest natural waterfall in the entire world. It drops a staggering 3,212 feet from the top of a mountain into a canyon below.

Angel Falls is located in Canaima National Park. This park is enormous. To put it in perspective, it’s about the size of Belgium. In it, there is a whole host of things to see, ranging from hundreds of different species of bird to orchids, ocelots, and other mammals.

The crowning glory of this park is, of course, Angel Falls, however. There are a number of ways to reach these falls. By far, the most popular way to reach them is by boat, but you can also fly. There are no roads leading to this park, so don’t plan on a taxi or other service to get there.

It can take up to five hours to reach the lagoon where most people stop to view the waterfall, and after that, you’ll be hiking to various viewpoints of this spectacular fall. The hikes themselves are often worth it on their own, filled with lush greenery, exotic animals, and breathtaking views of tepuys and rivers.

Ready to visit? Here are some things to consider

Canaima is a safe place to visit, but not all parts of Venezuela are currently safe. Before you fly, check out the current situation through news and other sources, and make sure the destination you will be flying into is safe.

When you get there, be prepared to bargain. A 3-day tour can cost as little as $80 or as much as $500. It all depends on who you ask, and whether you accept the first price or not. For those who live in areas where bargaining isn’t allowed, it can be a little uncomfortable asking for someone to lower the price, but not doing so in an area where bargaining is the norm can force you to overspend.

You will need that tour guide, too. Only the tour guides know the way through the winding rivers that lead to the lagoon, and apart from flying that is the only way to get there. The tour guide does so much more as well, helping to ensure you see all of the beauty the area has to offer and to stay away from potentially dangerous locations.

Angel Falls is a beautiful and thrilling place to visit, without the crowds that often seen at more popular tourist destinations, such as the Great Pyramids or Machu Pichu. You’ll get to see something very few have ever seen before, In fact, the native tribes were unaware of the waterfall before it was discovered.

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