Talking Book: The Aviator’s Wife

The Aviator’s Wife“Melanie Benjamin’s The Aviator’s Wife (2013) is one of the best novels of any kind I have ever read,” remarked Dallas Library Adult Materials Selector, Catherine Ritchie.

She noted that the title’s designation as “historical fiction” absolutely nudged her in that genre’s direction.

In her review of the book she writes thus:

Benjamin’s narrator is Anne Morrow Lindbergh, who details her life with husband Charles in a voice both riveting and compassionate.

In contrast to her rigid, self-centered, and anti-Semitic “hero” spouse, Anne is a mix of humility, slowly-evolving backbone, seemingly blind devotion and intuitive self-realization.

Benjamin’s ability to burrow into Anne’s mind as the woman deals with deep personal and public unhappiness, all the while striving to find inner fulfillment apart from the demands of being “Lucky Lindy”‘s wife, is phenomenal.

Ritchie noted that she could hardly bear to leave the amazing world this author created.

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