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World Bank — Global Inflation Set To Fall

The World Bank says based on its estimates, inflation has already peaked in most counties. World Bank Deputy Chief Economist Ayhan Kose says that based on the current path, the increase in the cost of goods and services should regulate by 2024.  “At the global level we saw quite high inflation, around nine per cent last year. That number has […]


YouTube In Multibillion-Dollar Payout

YouTube, the social media platform owned by Google, has disclosed that the platform paid out over US$4 billion to artists, songwriters, and rights-holders over the last 12 months.  The company generated $19.78 billion from advertising during 2020. According to Lyor Cohen, the global head of music, the money is generated from YouTube ads, YouTube Music, and YouTube Premium subscriptions. The […]


Nigeria’s YouTube Star Builds House For Parents

Nigeria’s Mark Angel Comedy YouTube star Emmanuella Samuel has put her money behind her dream of building a house for her parents. According to press reports, the 10-year-old child star saved money from her Youtube channel earnings to make the dream a reality late last year. “I feel so happy for fulfilling the promise that I made to my mother,” […]


YouTube Hits It Big In Revenue

Google for the first time has revealed its YouTube platform as the golden goose in terms of its advertising revenue generation. The company announced that YouTube generated $15.1 billion in ad revenue in fiscal 2019, including $4.7 billion in the fourth quarter. The company disclosed the numbers in its quarterly earnings report, which also included fiscal 2019. Pollyanna Davy, Readers […]


Guyanese Granny Light Up Social Media — Schools Taxi-Driver

“My grandmother took me to church on Sunday all day long, every Sunday into the night. Then Monday evening was the missionary meeting. Tuesday evening was usher board meeting. Wednesday evening was prayer meeting. Thursday evening was visit the sick. Friday evening was choir practice. I mean, and at all those gatherings, we sang.” — Maya Angelou Guyanese Grandmother! Grandmothers […]


Is Facebook Video A Threat To YouTube?

The casual observer who frequents the social network Facebook would have noticed the uptick in the number of videos on their news feed. This is promoting a lot of chatter in social media and a number of people have been asking whether this recent development could represent a threat to YouTube. The fact is Facebook now boasts a worldwide reach […]