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Key Term “World War 3” Sets Record In Google Search

The new posturing around the world by the leaders of the U.S., Russia, and North Korea is causing anxiety and promoting fear among many people. Consequently, more and more people are rushing to Google to engage in searches for the key term “World War 3.” According to press reports, new data provided by Google have shown a surge in searches for […]


Top News Headlines Around The World

New Leaker Disclosing U.S. Secrets, Government Concludes According to a CNN.com report, the federal government has concluded there’s a new leaker exposing national security documents in the aftermath of surveillance disclosures by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, U.S. officials tell CNN. Trinidad Says Illegal Jamaicans Putting A Strain On Its Resources The Trinidad and Tobago government says the influx of […]


5 Impressive Castles Around The World

A castle is defined as a large building or a group of buildings fortified against attack with thick walls, battlements, towers, and in many cases a moat. Over the centuries castles have been built not only in Europe and Asia but also in many other places around the world. For the most part, castles primary purpose was to avert attacks […]