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Keeping Your Car Safe During The Holidays

The holiday season is already here and it is not only a special time for friends and families to come together and celebrate but also a time when car thieves are on the prowl and lookout for easy target to prey on. So, while celebrating, these are some tips to keep in mind according to lojack.com: DON’T KEEP THE CAR RUNNING […]


Bad Weather No-Shows: Must Company Still Pay Workers?

So goes the seasons, so goes the changes in the weather conditions on this side of the pond. The fact is very soon winter will arrive and with it will come the snow that many people dread. There is no doubt that apart from being bitterly cold, winter does put a stop to all types of social and economic activities, […]


Preparing For The Winter Bugs

Sore throat, Common Cold, and the Flu During the cooler months of the year, it is not unusual to experience sore throat, the cold and flu. There are many circulating viruses which cause illnesses at this time of the year. It is at this time (autumn) that we need to scale up the public education and encourage persons to get […]