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Trump Dumps On White House Press Secretary

Former President Donald Trump at his rally in Michigan on Saturday referred to the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, as “the woman with the really beautiful red hair.” While complimenting her hair, Trump criticized Psaki for once joking about the Space Force, the U.S.military branch set up by Trump. “The woman with the really beautiful red hair, she laughed,” […]


Psaki — You Are Going To Be Tired Of Seeing My Face

There are reports that Jennifer Rene Psaki, the 43-year-old Biden Administration Press Secretary, will be leaving her current post for an MSNBC job. At a recent press briefing, reporters asked her whether there was any truth to the report. Pressed by CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe on the matter, Psaki said, “Well, you can’t get rid of me yet, Ed. I […]


Top News Headlines Trending

President Biden denounced Russia’s invasion and declared that Putin “cannot remain in power.” But a White House official downplayed the possibility that Biden had called for the Russian president to step down. Ukrainian forces have mounted a counteroffensive in the Kyiv suburbs to block Russia’s route to the capital, destroying tanks and killing Russian troops. Biden’s off-script remarks about Putin […]


Former First Lady Fires Back At Historian

Former First Lady Melania Trump was in a no-holds-barred mood when she fired back at a historian who criticized the renovations she made to the White House Rose Garden last year, calling his remarks “misleading” and “dishonorable” before questioning his credibility. He said in a Twitter post, “.@BeschlossDC has proven his ignorance by showing a picture of the Rose Garden […]


Don’t Bet Against Trump For A Next White House Run

It’s early days yet to talk about another Presidential run for Donald J. Trump, but as they say on this side of the pond, nothing is off the table. In the 2020 general election, Donald Trump won more than 70 million votes, the second-highest total in American history. Nationally, he has more than a 47% share of the vote, winning […]


Bernie Sanders Backs $15 Minimum Wage In House Bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders is seeking to pull out all the stops to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour despite skepticism from Capitol Hill and the White House of its future in President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 relief package. Sanders, a firebrand for the poor and those left behind, has argued for more equity in the society over the years. […]


US House Of Representatives Passes $484 Billion Relief Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives returned to Washington on Thursday to pass a $484 billion coronavirus relief bill, funding small businesses and hospitals and pushing the total spending response to the crisis to an unprecedented nearly $3 trillion. The Senate passed the legislation on Tuesday by unanimous consent. Approval by the House will send it to the White House, where […]


White House Not Into Impeachment Hearing?

The running commentary on President Trump’s impeachment inquiry would make for an exciting drama series but for the seriousness and the considerable importance of the political matter at hand. The White House, last week, told the House Democrats conducting the impeachment inquiry to as much as “shove it.” It charged that the inquiry is “completely baseless” and a “reckless abuse […]


Stephen Miller — Trump vs “The Squad”

Senior White House adviser Stephen Miller, in an interview exchange with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, said voters have a choice between a leader who will seek to strengthen America’s western values or someone who will morph the country into Venezuela. He noted that “Anybody who’s running for office, right, left, or center, always points out where they think America can do […]


Mick Gets Pick As Acting White House Chief Of Staff

John Michael (Mick) Mulvaney, the 51-year-old director of the Office of Management and Budget, gets called up to serve as acting White House chief of staff. Mr. Mulvaney replaces General John Kelly, who is leaving by the end of the year. Trump, who had been rebuffed by a few prospects to take over the position of the outgoing chief of […]