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Nuclear Watchdog Warns Iran Has Enough Material For Several Nuclear Bombs

International Atomic Energy Agency Chief Rafael Grossi warned recently that Iran has accumulated “enough nuclear material for several nuclear weapons.” Grossi told the European Parliament’s security and defense subcommittee in Brussels that his agency is no longer monitoring Iran’s nuclear program because the regime has disconnected 27 of the agency’s cameras installed at its declared nuclear sites. Grossi said he […]


Iran Rejects UN Investigation Into Protests

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman carried a gas mask in a reference to Germany’s alleged supply of chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq war as he denounced the UN investigation. Tehran, Iran – Iran has said it will not cooperate with a United Nations fact-finding mission on its response to ongoing anti-government demonstrations due to what it calls the investigation’s “political” nature. Tehran […]


Germany Takes Cautious Approach In Ukraine’s Support

Although many European countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark have pledged full support for Ukraine with pledges of cybersecurity or military assistance, Germany’s approach has been described at best as cautious. So far, Berlin has ruled out supplying Ukraine with defensive weapons and has restricted their help to a shipment of 5,000 helmets. That assistance has inspired memes on […]