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China And Wagner In Africa: Friends Or Foes?

JOHANNESBURG — China’s “friendship without limits” with Russia may be tested in Africa, where Beijing’s long-established economic interests are at risk of clashing with the growing footprint of Moscow’s paramilitary Wagner Group. The most recent point of potential friction is Niger, where leaders of a July 26 military coup are reported by The Associated Press to have reached out to Wagner for help […]


Russians Celebrate Reports That ‘Fortress Bakhmut’ Has Fallen

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is denying claims that the eastern city is under Russian control after months of heavy battle. On Saturday, mercenaries from the Russian private military contractor the Wagner Group claimed victory in the east Ukrainian town of Bakhmut after a gruelling battle that lasted for eight months. For the most part, the pro-Moscow camp has been elated at finally […]