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Venezuelan Leader, Iranian President Sign 20-Year Agreement

TEHRAN, IRAN — Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro and Iran’s hard-line president signed a 20-year cooperation agreement Saturday, a day after Maduro praised the Islamic Republic for sending badly needed fuel to his nation despite U.S. sanctions. In an interview with Maduro after his arrival in Tehran for a two-day visit, Iranian state media reported late Friday that Maduro hailed Iran’s move […]


Jamaica Contemplating Going Back To Venezuela For Oil

Jamaica’s Energy Minister Daryl Vaz has indicated that the JLP government is open to discussions on reapproaching Venezuela for the purchase of oil. The relationship between Jamaica and Venezuela soured in 2019 after Jamaica voted not to recognize the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s election win. The Petrocaribe Agreement, under which Jamaica imported oil from the South American country, ended a […]


Venezuela Expresses Worry Over Ukraine Crisis

According to press reports, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blames the U.S. and NATO for the current crisis in Ukraine. He said that his government renounced “the perverse plans that seek to surround Russia militarily and strategically.” Venezuela’s foreign ministry said that NATO and the U.S. had violated the Minsk agreements, a 2014 deal to end a war in Donbas, a […]


Venezuelan Government Accused Of Tortures

The Venezuelan opposition has declared that some military personnel that the government has detained over the last few years are being tortured in confinement. “Our officers of the Armed Forces, who are imprisoned for defending the Constitution, are tortured and subjected to the worst conditions of confinement,” said Julio Borges in a Twitter post.  Borges was appointed as commissioner for […]


Diplomatic Crisis: Nicolás Maduro Expels European Union Ambassador

On Wednesday, Venezuela expelled the ambassador of the European Union, Isabel Brilhante, who was given 72 hours to leave the country. The decision is viewed as a form of revenge due to the latest sanctions imposed by the international organization to 19 officials of Nicolás Maduro’s regime.  “We have presented Mrs. Isabel Brilhante, who in recent years was the head […]


A Humanitarian Crisis Overwhelms Small Towns In Northern Chile

Authorities of small border towns located in northern Chile have asked the Chilean government to intervene and solve the crisis they face due to the huge number of Venezuelans who have arrived in recent days. Complaints include food shortages and lack of control by the police, who have been unable to prevent some undocumented immigrants from occupying homes. According to […]


Venezuela And Guyana In Tangle Over The Rich Territory Of Essequibo

The tension between Venezuela and Guyana is becoming increasingly evident. Last weekend, a Venezuelan military vessel intercepted and captured two Guyanese fishing boats alleging that the vessels were in its territorial waters. Guyana denied this, arguing that both vessels were operating within its jurisdiction. The incident is the latest chapter in a more than 100-year conflict over the territory of […]


Venezuela Sells Millions Of Barrels Of Crude Oil To China

Millions of barrels of Venezuelan heavy crude embargoed by the United States have been adulterated for shipment to China, according to a Bloomberg investigation.  These illegal maneuvers were carried out by a group of companies, which Washington had already sanctioned. This U.S. news portal claims to have reviewed invoices and e-mails that show that several traders have hidden the origin of […]


President Trump Hits Out At Venezuela On Its Independence Day

Venezuela is the first Spanish colony in South America to declare independence. The country marked its national independence every year on July 5 — the anniversary since the enactment of the 1811 Declaration of Independence. The country has plunged into a deepened economic and political crisis over the past ten years with no end in view.  The U.S. and several […]


U.K. Judge Turns A Blind Eye On Maduro’s Request For Gold

A UK court has denied Venezuela’s Maduro access to the country’s gold stored in Britain’s bank vault. In London, a judge said the UK government had “unequivocally recognized” opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s president. Consequently, Maduro’s effort seems fruitless before the court. Although the case was brought by the Banco Central de Venezuela, asking to release $1bn in gold […]