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U.S. — COVID-19 Vaccine In Final Stage

A vaccine against COVID-19 developed by United States biotech firm Moderna will enter the third and final stage of its clinical trial in July with 30,000 people, the manufacturer has announced. Some will get the real shot and some a dummy shot as scientists carefully compare which group winds up with the most infections. Meanwhile, with far fewer COVID-19 cases […]


WHO Gets New Funding For Vaccines

The World Health Organization (WHO), at a recent Global Vaccine Summit hosted virtually by the UK government, welcomes new crucial funding commitments. The Summit is Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance’s third pledging conference, and follows the successful Berlin summit held over five years ago. The new pledges will enable Gavi to protect the next generation and reduce disease inequality by reaching […]


Trump Signs $8.3 Billion Emergency Bill To Fight Coronavirus

With the outbreak of the coronavirus in the U.S., President Donald Trump has signed an $8.3 billion emergency bill to fight the coronavirus outbreak. The bill is expected to aid in prevention efforts and research into producing a vaccine for COVID-19. In the meanwhile, there have been 233 confirmed cases and 21 deaths in the U.S. Infections from the virus […]