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Sen. Mitt Romney Up The Ante On Putin

File photo Sen. Mitt Romney has argued that the onus is on the United States and Western allies to prevent a reconstituted USSR led by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. “He’s trying to reestablish what he had before. That can’t be allowed to happen,” Romney said in an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press. The former Republican Presidential candidate view comes […]


The U.S. Spent $2 Trillion In Afghanistan – And For What?

There is no shortage of benchmarks to count the cost of the United States’ longest war. Blood is by far the most precious metric. Treasure feels insignificant by comparison. But as images of Afghans swarming Kabul airport, desperately trying to flee Taliban rule, flood screens around the world, the vast sums the US spent trying to build Afghanistan into a […]


Jamaica Set To Get COVID-19 Vaccine From U.S.

United States Congresswoman, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, says that the Biden Administration is working through logistical and legal matters to begin distributing vaccines to Jamaica and other CARICOM countries.  Congresswoman Jackson Lee, who was addressing a virtual town hall hosted by Jamaica’s Ambassador to the U.S., Audrey Marks, on Thursday (July 22), said that the discussions are being handled with urgency to have “those vaccines flown to Jamaica”.   She noted that half a million doses of vaccines have been […]


U.S. Backs Germany’s Pipeline

The United States and Germany have reached a deal that will allow the completion of a controversial Russian gas pipeline to Europe without the imposition of further U.S. sanctions. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland told Congress that the two governments would shortly announce details of the pact that is intended to address U.S. and eastern and […]


Putin To Continue His Support For The U.S. Led-Coalition…

But issue strong warning According to a Reuters report, Russia is set to continue its cooperation with the United States and its partners to fight against the Islamic State in Syria. However, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin warned that the cooperation would be jeopardized if there are any repeats of Turkey’s shooting down any more of its jet. Putin viewed the […]


Republicans Shout Run Joe Run!

The story is told long ago about a crow that found a piece of cheese and just as it settled on a branch to enjoy it, a fox appeared. The fox wanting the cheese for itself quickly thought of a strategy to get it. So, the fox flatters the crow, calling it beautiful and wondering whether its voice is as […]


U.S. Turns A Blind Eye To Business Transactions With Cuba

The United States, in a new bid to establish closer ties with Cuba has now eased restrictions on business and travel with Cuba. The U.S. has maintained trade prohibition with Cuba, for many years. However, the Obama administration is taking a new approach in its relationship with Cuba. Both countries recently restored diplomatic relations with the opening of embassy in […]

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USA Makes Nice With Cuba

The United States, in a bid to renew its relationship with Cuba has reopened its embassy in the country after more than 54 years since it was closed. John Kerry, the first U.S. Secretary of State to visit Cuba in 70 years, presided over the ceremony in Havana. The U.S. flag was presented by the same US marines who brought […]


The Donald Tweets

In a debate that lasted for 120 minutes and garnered viewership of over 24 million people — a record for a primary contest, according to Nielsen, feedback has gone viral on social media. In keeping with his brash persona, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump also took to social media to express his disgust as well as take digs at the […]


Red Stripe Parent Company Drawn Before The Court

London-based alcohol company, Diageo, the parent company of Red Stripe, is reportedly facing a lawsuit in the United States for misleading consumers into believing that the beer the company manufacture is made in Jamaica. The lawsuit, filed by two persons in a US Federal court last week, takes aim at the Red Stripe promotion in the US which calls the […]