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Competing Interests For UN Spotlight At Annual Meeting

The war in Ukraine is likely to be the big topic for a second year when leaders gather at the U.N. General Assembly next week, but many developing countries are hoping to shine a light on issues important to them, including development, the economy, and climate. This year’s general assembly will take place after Asian countries met in Indonesia for […]


Ukraine Hits A Distant Russian Ship, Showing Reach Of Naval Drones 

Ukraine’s navy demonstrated its ability to strike targets at long ranges using naval drones, hitting a Russian ship in the Black Sea during a military exercise. The drone attack was seen as a warning to Moscow, which has been accused of escalating tensions in the region. Support The Readers Bureau. Buy A T-Shirt Today (4 different colors)! click  https://www.bonfire.com/one-love-72/?fbclid=IwAR2bod-XSyrCPutOwG_SMnKiInk6Bqe2kCtjBsAFISqHluQcujrF2UUkFew Readers Bureau, […]


Moscow Reportedly Detains General Surovikin Over Suspected Link To Wagner Rebellion

Russian authorities appear to have detained General Sergei Surovikin over his suspected connection to the Wagner Group’s mutiny last week, according to media reports. The specific details surrounding Surovikin’s status remain blurry, but top Russian and U.S. officials have said the senior general has been detained, the Financial Times and The New York Times reported Thursday. Questions about Surovikin’s whereabouts have been swirling for […]


Russia And Ukraine Suffer Heavy Losses As Front-Line Battles Rage

Ukraine’s counteroffensive continues with small advances as Russia conducts ‘effective’ defensive operations in the south, analysts say. Fierce fighting is under way on the front line in Russia’s war on Ukraine, with both sides reportedly sustaining a high number of casualties as Kyiv’s counteroffensive marches on. The most intense fighting has centered on the southeastern Zaporizhia province, around the city […]


Latest In Ukraine: US Pledges Additional $205M In Humanitarian Aid

The U.S. announced Friday additional humanitarian assistance of $205 million for Ukraine that will provide critical support such as food, safe water, accessible shelter, and more. “The U.S. response is advancing Ukraine’s overall security, economic recovery, energy security, and capacity to cope with the humanitarian crisis created by Russia’s war. We welcome the contributions of other donors toward this crisis […]


Sudan Burns While African Leaders Seek To Resolve Russia-Ukraine Conflict

In The Tempest, Shakespeare wrote, “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.” However, that phrase has been reworded in recent years to “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” The literal meaning of the quote is that people with nothing in common may come together solely because of shared political interests. Today, we have seen more and more bedfellows crawling out from the […]


U.S. Ambassador To UN ‘Gravely Concerned’ About Russia-Iran Military Cooperation

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield said Friday she is “gravely concerned by the growing military cooperation” between Russia and Iran because it enables “Russia’s prosecution of its brutal war against Ukraine.” Thomas-Greenfield said in a statement, the recent release of information by the United States documenting how Iran has provided Russia with hundreds of one-way, attack unmanned […]


U.S. Says No Cease-Fire Deal Without Russian Withdrawal

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken says no cease-fire is possible in the war in Ukraine unless it is part of what he calls a “just and lasting” peace deal that includes a withdrawal of Russian troops. Speaking in Helsinki, Finland, the NATO alliance’s newest member, Blinken said “a cease-fire that simply freezes current lines in place” and allows Russian […]


Ukraine Claims Russia Planning ‘Massive’ Incident At Nuclear Site

Ukraine’s defence intelligence directorate warns Russia will simulate an attack at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Ukraine’s defence ministry has warned that Russia plans to simulate a major accident at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station, which is under the control of Russian forces, in a bid to thwart the expected counteroffensive by Ukraine to retake its territory captured by Moscow. The […]