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McConnell Bats For Ukraine In Aid Support

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is in no doubt about whether the U.S. should give Ukraine its fullest support. Many members of his party have questioned whether the U.S. should be doling out so much financial support to Ukraine, given the needs of the American people. “It’s important for the United States to help; it’s important for the free world to […]


McDonald’s Set To Exit Russia

McDonald’s is set to pull out of Russia after nearly 32 years of operation in that country. This move comes after it temporarily closed its 850 outlets in March. The fast-food giant said it made the decision because of the humanitarian crisis and unpredictable operating environment caused by the Ukraine war. The decision will directly affect some 62,000 employees, along […]


Finland announces ‘Historic’ NATO Bid, Sweden Expected To Follow

Sweden is also expected to follow Finland’s application to join the NATO military alliance. The Finnish government has officially announced its intention to join NATO, as Sweden’s ruling party held a decisive meeting that could pave the way for a joint application to the military alliance. Less than three months after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Finland’s announcement on […]


Ukraine Praises ‘Liberation’ In The Battle Of Kharkiv

Ukrainian forces reportedly prevented Russian troops from encircling the second-largest city and then expelled them. Russian troops are withdrawing from Ukraine’s second-largest city Kharkiv after weeks of heavy bombardment in another battlefield setback for Moscow. Ukraine’s military said on Saturday the Russians were pulling back from the major northeastern city and focusing on guarding supply routes. Read more at — […]


US House Passes $40 Billion Bill To Bolster Ukraine Against Russian Invasion

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House of Representatives approved more than $40 billion more aid for Ukraine on Tuesday, as Congress races to keep military aid flowing and boost the government in Kyiv as it grapples with the Russian invasion. The House passed the Ukraine spending bill by 368 to 57, with every ‘no’ vote coming from Republicans. The measure now heads […]


UN ‘Concerned’ About Risks Of Global Hunger Due To Ukraine War

As Ukraine war threatens food security globally, UN chief says he’s ‘deeply concerned’ about hunger becoming widespread. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said he is deeply concerned about hunger becoming widespread as the war in Ukraine threatens food security in different parts of the world. Speaking alongside Austria’s chancellor and foreign minister in Vienna on Wednesday, Guterres also said talks were going […]


Donkey Want Water Hold Him, Joe

Nearly three months after the misadventure of Russia into Ukraine by invasion, we are yet to see an end to this war in sight. Meanwhile, the wanton killing of people and the destruction of properties continue unabated. This unnecessary cost caused by one man to another country in the 21st century should never be allowed, but it has come about […]


Top News Headlines Around The World

Russia’s Most Advanced Tank In Service Was Obliterated By Ukraine Just Days After It Was Deployed, According To Reports Russia faced yet another military setback this week following reports that one of the country’s most advanced tanks in service, the T-90M, was destroyed just days after it was deployed to Ukraine. Read more at businessinsider.com Brazil’s Lula Launching Presidential Bid To Unseat […]


Ukraine’s Plight Could Be Replicated In East Asia: Japanese PM

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said now is the time for unity in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has warned that the invasion of Ukraine could be replicated in East Asia if leading powers do not respond as one, saying peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait must be maintained. Read more at — […]


Pope Condemns Russia’s Barbarous Bombardment Of Ukraine

Pope Francis has described the war in Ukraine as a “macabre regression of humanity” that makes him “suffer and cry.” He also called for humanitarian corridors to evacuate people trapped in the Mariupol steel factory. Speaking to thousands of people in St Peter’s Square in Rome for his noon blessing, Francis again implicitly criticized Russia. “My thoughts go immediately to […]