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Windies Players Add Flair To IPL

West Indies players have had a significant impact on IPL’s success over the years. They are known to add the Caribbean flavor to the tournament, making it more exciting and thrilling. Nobody can forget that 175 not-out by Chris Gayle for RCB nor the impact that Dre-Russ had in the previous season for KKR. IPL has witnessed the entire journey […]


Palestinians Rally Against Bahrain-Israel Normalization

Palestinians in Gaza burned pictures of Israeli, American, Bahraini, and United Arab Emirates leaders on Saturday in protest against the two Gulf countries’ moves to normalise ties with Israel. Bahrain on Friday joined the UAE in agreeing to normalise relations with Israel, a move forged partly through shared fears of Iran but one that could leave the Palestinians further isolated. […]


UAE And Israel Normalizing Ties A Historical Step

August 13 was probably one of the most historic days of the decade when Israel and UAE announced that they would be normalizing ties and opening diplomatic relations with each other. The United Arab Emirates is the first gulf and third Arab country to open a diplomatic relationship with Israel. This announcement will cause a significant shift in the geopolitics […]


Israel Adds Another Arab Country To Its Side

The U.S. has assisted Benjamin Netanyahu and Prince Mohammed Al Nahyan in a brokered agreement, which President Trump dubbed “historic.” The two countries, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, are now set to normalize relations. Until now, Israel has had no diplomatic relations with Gulf Arab countries. However, a spokesman for Palestinian leader President Mahmoud Abbas said the deal amounted […]


Dominica Establishes Embassy In UAE

Dominica government, led by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, has decided to establish a new embassy in the capital of the United Arab Emirates UAE, Abu Dhabi. This will be the country’s first mission in the Middle East. The Prime Minister, in his address at the opening ceremony, noted that the embassy comes to service a ‘small but dynamic’ community of […]