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The Truth Of A Lie

It is not uncommon for us to hear,” It is beyond your control” and “You cannot afford it.” You can defend the truth of these statements as if they are Gospels if you want. I won’t. The incongruity of my position may alarm you, to which you could say,” Either I am right, or you are wrong, but both can’t […]


Breaking Free To Be

One can say, “Facts are facts,” and whether those facts are central to the truth or are lies, be proven right. An interesting thing about any narrative in which your powerlessness is central to the plot is that it is on its way to delivering without fail and will, absent your own defiance or rescue to interrupt or challenge the […]


Yemen: Saudi Arabia To Release 163 Houthi Prisoners

Saudi officials say the move is aimed at solidifying a two-month truce that went into effect in early April. The Saudi Arabian-led coalition fighting in Yemen has said it would release 163 prisoners from Yemen’s Houthi rebel group who fought against the kingdom, as part of a humanitarian initiative. The coalition had already begun taking measures to release the prisoners […]


The “I Am Fallen And Can’t Get Up” Mindset

“The poor cannot take care of the poor” is a startling contention. Leave the truth of it- if that it is- aside. On second thoughts, let’s assume its truth in an environment where we are all poor. Who is going to be the victim to say, “I am fallen, and I can’t get up?” Is “I am more so in […]


Self-Love: Your Guide To A Happier You

The mindset of the average person is that self-love is simply another word for selfish. We are encouraged to sacrifice for our kids and careers, put in long hours, and put ourselves last in everything we do. Anything else is considered downright narcissistic, but is that right? The truth is that self-love is an important part of taking care of […]