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Trinidad And Tobago Reports 10% Contraction In Economy

Trinidad and Tobago is reporting a 10 percent shrink in its economy resulting from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The twin island republic shut down its borders and required people to remain at home in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.   Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley said oil and gas production declined significantly. He said the […]


Trinidad And Tobago Pastor Charged

The raid last year by Trinidad and Tobago security forces on the Transformed Life Ministry Church has led to the new charge of Pastor Glen Awong. The pastor was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and trafficking in persons. He was offered bail in the sum of $900,000. According to reports, last year October Trinidad and Tobago’s Special Operations Response Team, […]


Fireworks Traumatized Animals At Zoo In T&T

It may be jollification and celebration for the people of Trinidad and Tobago as they marked their independence with fireworks, music, and dancing. However, animals at the nearby Emperor Valley Zoo are not only suffering from the noise but are also becoming victims. The Zoo recently reported the death of several birds and as well as that of a newly […]