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Aluminum Prices Land Nine-Year High

Aluminum prices on the London Metal Exchange reached a nine-year high May 10 when it reached $2,565 per metric ton.  Since then, prices dropped below the $2,500 per metric ton mark, averaging $2,434 throughout May. Aluminum futures were trading around the $2,470 per ton level in June, not far from a three-year high of $2,548 mark in April, with markets […]


Global Stocks Blowout

The global stock market slid to its worst week since the depths of the financial crisis in 2008. This crisis comes against fears that the coronavirus could become a pandemic and derail economic growth. The S&P 500, with a midweek record high, slid 4.4 percent, its worst day since August 2011. The index is down 12 percent since that peak, […]