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Texas Republican Rep. Gohmert Attacked By COVID—19

Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert has tested positive for the coronavirus after rebuffing the wearing of a mask in public. A routine screening test at the White House showed that Gohmert has picked up the disease. He was slated to attend a trip to West Texas with President Trump. “Before you go anywhere with the president or have a meeting […]


U.S. Continues To See COVID-19 Record-Breaking Death Rates

Record-breaking coronavirus cases and deaths in several U.S. states are dimming hopes of economic recovery, with cellphone data showing shoppers are staying away from stores in areas where cases are rising the most. In Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, which were among the first states to reopen commerce in May, retail foot traffic now lags levels elsewhere. More […]


Apple Picks Texas To Build New Campus

Apple has announced plans to build a new campus in Austin, Texas, that could see an investment of up to $1 billion spent on the project. This investment would be an added boost to the Texas economy and would make Apple the biggest private employer in the State’s capital. The move would also see Apple consolidating its base in the […]