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Cayman Islands Gets Blacklisted

The Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory, has taken flack from Brussels for its failure to crack down on tax abuse. The country has been named among several other countries that is providing foreign tax havens to companies and individuals. Other countries blacklisted by the EU include Oman, Fiji, and Vanuatu. EU Officials have claimed that the Cayman Islands did […]


Guyana Gets U.S. And U.K. Support After Venezuela’s Interference

The U.S. and Britain have given Guyana their support after Venezuela’s Navy recently attempted to land a helicopter on the ship, Ramform Tethys. The seismic research vessel was hired by ExxonMobil to gather data from the western end of the Stabroek Block in Guyana. Venezuela has become uneasy since the US-based ExxonMobil initiated oil and gas exploration activities in Guyana […]