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Taylor Swift Continues Her Winning Ways At The Grammy

Taylor Swift won Album of The Year at the Grammy Awards for “Midnights,” breaking the record for most wins in the category with four. She began her speech by thanking her producer and friend Jack Antonoff and added, “I would love to tell you this is the happiest moment of my life,” she told the crowd but said she feels […]


Taylor Swift ‘Reputation’ Is Creating Waves

Taylor Swift‘s sixth studio album, long-awaited, Reputation, is finally out and is creating a storm on the airwaves and in the blogosphere. Swift’s fans will now get answers to some of the minute details they’ve been speculating over since the album’s lead single “Look What You Made Me Do” was released in August. Like, for instance, who is that adorable baby […]


Apple Bows To Taylor Swift’s Demand

Music goddess Taylor Swift continued her kick ass mode by butting head with one of the world largest information technology companies — Apple. The decision by Apple to not pay artists royalty for the use of their music over a three month trial period of a new streaming service to customers did not sit well with Swift and she made […]


Putin Continues His Pouting At The West

Taylor Swift in her song entitled, Blank Space, has proved time and again to be one of the foremost artists in today’s pop music. She has topped the billboard chart at will and seems to have made it her own with her catchy, appealing, and heart-touching lyrics. Take, for example, the pre-chorus in the titled song, Blank Space: So it’s […]


Move Over Bullies Taylor Swift Coming To Get You!

Taylor Swift showed her humility and class by reaching out to a fan who posted a message to her on the popular website tumblr.com, recounting how he was being bullied at school because of his name and body. Taylor Swift, in a quick and direct response via letter sought to assuage the fear of the fan with her kind, comforting, […]


Black Women Rebuff Taylor Swift’s Twerking

Look who’s here, Punchinello, Punchinella, Look who’s here, Punchinello from the zoo. What can you do Punchinella, Punchinello, What can you do Punchinella from the zoo? We can do it too, Punchinella, Punchinella, We can do it too… What’s the relevance of this nursery rhyme to Taylor Swift? – She can’t Twerk. In other words, she cannot do what Punchinella […]


Taylor Swift – The People’s Choice

Top American singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift, continues to make the musical charts her own as she keeps churning out hits after hits. Since her debut album in October 2006, fans seem unable to get enough of her, and critics continue to sing her praises. Early in her career the Rolling Stone magazine described her as “bright-eyed but remarkably seasoned.” The New […]