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Senate Approves New Road Traffic Act

The Senate has approved the amended Road Traffic Act, which has new offenses, larger fines and harsher penalties for motor vehicle operators who breach the law. Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Hon. Kamina Johnson Smith, who piloted the Bill through the Senate on December 7, said too many lives are being lost on the roads, due to “bad […]


Jamaica’s Taxi Operators Protest To Maintain Status

The recent move by the government to address the indiscipline by motorists in general and taxi operators in particular on Jamaica’s roadways is undoubtedly a welcome one. However, not surprisingly, the taxi operators were out in large numbers to protest the change that the government sought to introduce; thus, there were demonstrations, roadblocks, and strikes with the view of forcing […]


Taxi Operators Ordered To Remove Tint

ST ANDREW, Jamaica – In light of the violence against women and girls said to be perpetrated by men posing as taxi drivers, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, today issued a warning for all drivers of public passenger vehicles (PPV) to have their tints removed by next Monday. Holness, who was addressing journalists at a conference held at Jamaica House, said […]


Move Over Yellow Cabs – Uber Cars In Over Drive!

Today, there are more uber cars on New York City streets than the traditional yellow taxis that New Yorkers have become accustomed to over the years. According to The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission, 14,088 Uber cars were registered compared to 13,587 yellow cabs. Notwithstanding the shocking New York numbers, statistics released by the company in January reveals that Los […]