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UK Treasury Chief Jeremy Hunt Reverses Nearly All Tax Cut Plans

Treasury chief Jeremy Hunt scraps most of an economic package announced by the UK government just weeks ago. British Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt has reversed most of an economic package announced by the government just weeks ago, saying the country needed to rebuild investor confidence. Hunt said on Monday he was scrapping “almost all” the tax cuts announced […]


U.S. Treasury Chief: Biden Considering Gas Tax Holiday, Chinese Tariff Cuts

WASHINGTON — U.S. President Joe Biden is considering declaring a federal gas tax holiday and curbing some tariffs on imported Chinese goods to help Americans cope with the surging cost of consumer goods, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Sunday. “President Biden wants to do anything he possibly can to help consumers,” Yellen told ABC’s “This Week” show. “Gas prices have risen […]


U.S. Business Alliance Formed To Oppose Biden’s Tax Proposal

U.S. business groups have teamed up to form an alliance that would oppose any new tax increase by the Biden administration. The alliance includes twenty-eight industry groups that have created a coalition called “America’s Job Creators for a Strong Recovery.” Eric Hoplin, president and chief executive of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, which is leading the coalition, reportedly said, “The […]


GOP/Democrats Set To Rumble Over COVID-19 Relief Package

A payroll tax cut must be in the offer in the next coronavirus relief package, said the White House earlier this week. “As he has done since the beginning of this pandemic, President Trump wants to provide relief to hardworking Americans who have been impacted by this virus and one way of doing that is with a payroll tax holiday,” […]


Jamaica and Japan Agreed In Principle On Tax

Jamaica–Japan began bilateral relations from as early as 1964 when both countries established diplomatic relations. It is estimated that over 300 Jamaicans are now living in Japan, while there are over 200 people of Japanese descent living in Jamaica. Both countries have recently agreed in principle on a tax convention. The convention includes provisions to clarify the scope of taxation […]


The Beard Tax — A Past Government Hustle!

A beard is defined as the collection of hair that grows on the chin and cheeks of humans and some non-human animals. In humans, this facial growth of hair usually occurs around the age of pubescent or adulthood among the male species. Also, more facial hair is generally found among people of European, Mediterranean, and South Asian ancestry than indigenous […]


India Nips Tampon Tax

The Indian government was at the receiving end of the wrath of protesters and activists after it announced 12% tax on all sanitary products. Readers Bureau, Contributor Edited by Jesus Chan Do you want to add feedback to this story? Please add a comment in the box below or send us an email at info@thereadersbureau.com Like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheReadersBureau […]


India Reverses Position On Tampon Tax

The Indian government was at the receiving end of the wrath of protesters and activists after it announced 12% tax on all sanitary products. The tax which has its basis in a newly announced tax regulation, called Goods and Services Tax (GST) — a comprehensive indirect tax levy on manufacture, sale, and consumption of goods as well as services at […]


Trump’s Tax Cut Pumps Billions Of Dollars Into Berkshire Hathaway

According to press reports, US billionaire Warren Buffet has said that his conglomerate has received a profit boost of $29bn because of President Donald Trump’s tax reforms. Berkshire Hathaway reported a record quarterly and annual profit recently. The Republican law reform, approved in December, cut the corporate tax rate to 21% from 35%. Mr. Buffett, one of the richest men […]