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Uprooted Women’s Rights Activist Wants Change Within Afghanistan

When the U.S. government started formally negotiating with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, in 2019, Tamana Ayazi was concerned the process excluded prevalent fears of Afghan women that a Taliban return to power would deprive them of their basic human rights. A filmmaker, Ayazi, decided to tell the world what was at stake for Afghan women through a documentary centered […]


Top Pakistan Taliban Leader Killed In Afghanistan Roadside Attack

Abdul Wali, also known as Omar Khalid Khorasani, was allegedly behind some of the deadliest attacks in Pakistan in recent years. A late-night roadside bombing in eastern Afghanistan has struck a vehicle carrying members of the Pakistan Taliban, killing a senior leader and three other members of the group, several Pakistani officials and the group said. Abdul Wali, also known […]


UN Rights Council: Taliban Seek To Erase Women, Girls From Public Life 

GENEVA — Delegates attending an urgent debate at the U.N. Human Rights Council on the status of women and girls in Afghanistan are urging the international community to exert maximum pressure on the Taliban. In opening Friday’s debate, U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet accused the Taliban of systematic oppression and of the exclusion of women and girls from public life […]


Taliban Call For Unfreezing Of Bank Funds After Deadly Earthquake

Aid groups said that, in the past, Taliban authorities tried to divert aid to areas and people that supported their views. Afghanistan’s Taliban administration has called on international governments to roll back sanctions and lift a freeze on the country’s central bank assets as the country deals with the aftermath of an earthquake that killed more than 1,000 people and […]


What’s At Stake As UN Taliban Travel Ban Waiver Set To Expire?

The Trump-backed waiver allows sanctioned Taliban leaders to travel abroad for negotiations. A waiver that exempts top Taliban officials from a long-standing United Nations travel ban and related sanctions is set to expire, with rights groups saying the restrictions should be reimposed based on the group’s oppression of women since taking power last year. The United States has not given […]


Taliban Say U.S. Is ‘Biggest Hurdle’ To Diplomatic Recognition

ISLAMABAD — Afghanistan’s Taliban have alleged the United States is blocking their way to securing international recognition for the Islamist group’s new government in Kabul. The insurgent-turned-ruling group seized power last August and installed an all-male interim administration following the end of almost 20 years of U.S.-led foreign military intervention in the war-torn South Asian country. “As far as recognition by […]


Taliban Rebuff UN Calls For Reversing Rules On Afghan Women

ISLAMABAD — The Afghan Taliban have turned down renewed calls by the United Nations for the Islamist rulers to reverse restrictions on the human rights of women in Afghanistan, saying they are in line with local religious and cultural values. The hard-line group’s foreign ministry issued a statement Friday rejecting U.N. concerns as “unfounded.” It urged the global community “not to […]


Afghanistan’s Female TV Presenters Bow To Taliban Demand

Days after the Taliban’s latest order, women presenters on Afghanistan’s top news channels went on air on Sunday with their faces covered. On Saturday, many of the news anchors had reportedly defied the edict to conceal their appearance on TV but their employers had come under pressure. After seizing power last year, the Taliban have increasingly imposed restrictions on women’s […]


Afghan Taliban Tells Women TV Presenters — Cover Your Faces

Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers have reportedly ordered female presenters on TV channels to cover their faces on air, the country’s biggest media outlet said Thursday. The order came in a statement from the Taliban’s Virtue and Vice Ministry, tasked with enforcing the group’s rulings, as well as from the Information and Culture Ministry, the TOLOnews channel said in a tweet. The […]


Taliban Say No Christians Live In Afghanistan; US Groups Concerned

Husain Andaryas was a religious fighter in the war against the invading Soviet army in Afghanistan in the early 1980s, but almost a year after the Soviets left, he converted to Christianity. For the next nine years, Andaryas wandered in several regional countries, suffered torture, and was finally offered a job at a church in Virginia, enabling him to migrate […]