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Stress Prompting More US Teachers Of Color To Quit

HARRISBURG, PA. — Rhonda Hicks could have kept working into her 60s. She loved teaching and loved her students in Philadelphia’s public schools. As a Black woman, she took pride in being a role model for many children of color. But other aspects of the job deteriorated, such as growing demands from administrators over what and how to teach. And when […]


Gov’t Focused on Expanding Tertiary Education

The Education and Youth Ministry is placing focus on expanding the tertiary education sector with options for students to access financing. Portfolio Minister, Hon. Fayval Williams, told JIS News that the objective is to ensure that a “higher percentage of our population is educated at higher levels.” She said statistics indicate that enrolment of students in tertiary institutions remains low […]


Broken Dreams: Palestinian Students Who Escaped The Ukraine War

There were some 2,400 Palestinians from the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip living in Ukraine before the war. Hebron, Occupied West Bank – Palestinian university student Mohammad Hafith recalls the moment when he shut the door to his apartment in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and left towards an unknown fate. He was forced to leave his two cats on […]


Jamaican Students Set To Exit Ukraine

According to Jamaica’s Foreign Ministry, another 23 of the country’s students in Ukraine arrived safely in the western Ukraine city of L’viv, taking them closer to the Poland border. The report noted that arrangements were being made for the students to be transported to Poland, a neighboring country. Minister of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade Kamina Johnson Smith made the […]


Chinese Students Get Caught In Trump’s Crosshairs

The Trump administration is seriously contemplating canceling the visas of some Chinese graduate students and researchers. This new move comes against the background of the vexed issue of the COVID-19 pandemic, which Washington has blamed primarily on China. In past remarks, President Trump has accused China of hiding the outbreak first detected in Wuhan City. “This is really the worst […]


College Survival Amidst $30 Billion Allocation For Education?

The survival of some colleges and universities is part of the media narrative as the coronavirus plague takes a toll across all business sectors. The federal government has sought to halt the slide into what could turn out to be a financial disaster for many educational institutions. The U.S. Senate passed a $2 trillion bill in the first quarter that […]


The Pelican Set To Perch In Antigua And Barbuda

According to press reports, talks have been held between the Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Sir Hilary Beckles and the government of Antigua and Barbuda with the view of the opening of the UWI campus on the island. The report noted the campus should be opened in September with at least 1,000 students. A release noted […]


Jamaican Engineers Return Home After Training In China

Twenty-seven of the 52 young Jamaican engineers who were selected for further study and training in China last March by JISCO Alpart have successfully completed their program of study and are now ready to take up full-time job positions at the plant in Nain, St. Elizabeth. The first batch of 27 students undertook training in the Bayer process technology and […]


For-Profit Berkeley College Faces Court Action Over Charge Of Cheating Students

The for-profit school Berkeley College has found itself in a spot bother with New York City as it has come under scrutiny for allegedly deceiving and lying to students about the programs offered, which ultimately left them in a debt trap. Berkeley College was established as a private college in 1931. It offers Certificates, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Graduate degrees. Its […]


NYU Set To Offer Free Education To Medical Students

New York University recently announced free tuition for all its medical students is a historical first among major medical schools in the U.S. This latest move by the university is an attempt to arrest the tremendous debt students must contend with after graduation as well as expand career options for graduates. There has been worrying concerns among some university officials […]