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Global Stock Markets Takes A Hit

With the expectation of a rise in inflation in the U.S, stock markets worldwide took a nosedive with major US indexes falling more than one percent on Tuesday. Meanwhile, European bourses saw steep declines on fears among traders that rising consumer prices could push up interest rates. The UK’s benchmark share index, the FTSE 100, closed 2.47 per cent lower. […]


Kraft Heinz Takes Hit As Consumers Shun Processed Food

A shift in consumer preference for freshly produced products over-processed foods is putting Kraft Heinz under pressure to catch up with consumers’ needs. The company reported fourth-quarter sales recently shows a five percent dip in sales, falling short of Wall Street’s forecasts. Although earnings beat analysts’ estimates, shares of Kraft Heinz have shown a eight percent decline. The stock is […]


European Companies In Cannabis Stock Frenzy

More and more countries and companies are seeking to cash in on the green cannabis ‘gold’ market. Up to five companies active in the cannabis industry could go public in 2020 in Europe, a continent whose stock markets have largely missed out on the North American “pot stocks” frenzy. This was revealed by insiders at European investment bank, Bryan Garnier. […]


Airbnb Plans To List On Stock Exchanges

A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌, ‌‌I‌n‌c‌.‌ the online marketplace company that arranges for lodging —  primarily homestays or tourism experiences is seeking to make a new move as it now plans to list on stock exchanges next year. This would make the company one of the most high-profile names to tap the stock market next year. Airbnb has not given any details on whether […]


JSE Seeks To Regain Top Performance Title

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE), is on track to regain the title of the number one performing stock exchange. Managing Director, Marlene Street Forrest, noted that the JSE is currently at second place but that’s expected to change before year-end. Additionally, she said that the JSE is prepared to help the local financial sector navigate financial technology developments like bitcoin. […]


Jamaicans Get Opportunity For Stock Buy In

Jamaicans will have the opportunity to purchase shares in Wigton when the IPO opens on April 17 and closes on May 1. A total of 11 billion shares at 0.50 cents each is being offered with 2.2 billion shares reserved for public sector workers. The Government is seeking to raise $5.5 billion from the sale. Prime Minister Holness noted that […]


Financial Media Giant Bloomberg Lauds The Performance Of Jamaica’s Stock Market

Bloomberg, the renown American financial media company in a recent report, lauded the performance of the Jamaica Stock Exchange as the world’s best-performing stock market. The report noted that traders have only three and a half hours per day in which to trade, and the JSE did not have to contend with short sellers, high-frequency traders, premarket and after-hours trade. […]

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Apple Stock Takes A Nosedive

Apple stock fell 6.6 percent at the end of last week, after showing a strong earnings report but shook investors’ confidence in its newly announced quarterly reporting structure and blurred guidance for the holiday quarter. Press reports noted that shares ended trading at $207.48, just above the threshold for Apple to maintain its historic $1 trillion market cap, based on […]

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Bloomberg Gives Jamaica’s Stocks Market Props

A report by Bloomberg has placed Jamaica’s stock market as front and center as the leading performer in the world. It noted that Jamaica’s stock market has had a significant bull run, thus making it the world’s largest over the last five years. It also indicated that the local stock has shown no sign of slowing down. According to the […]


Are Millennials Stock Investment Shy?

Despite coming of age in the era of technology and rapid change, research has shown that millennials are not aggressive in staking an interest in the stock market. Sixty-one percent of millennials say that they are afraid of taking that first step in parting with their money in stock. This is shocking given the bull market run experienced over the […]