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Starbucks Ordered To Pay Extra $2.7M To Employee

A New Jersey federal judge has ordered Starbucks to pay a former employee who was awarded $25.6 million in a wrongful termination suit an extra $2.7 million in damages. Shannon Phillips, a former regional director for the chain, sued the coffee giant in 2019, claiming that she was fired for being white. On Wednesday, Judge Joel Slomsky ordered Starbucks to […]


Starbucks Move To Have Its U.S. Workers Vaccinated

Starbucks is taking the bull by the horns by demanding that all its U.S. workers be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested weekly as of February 9, in keeping with a federal mandate as the Omicron variant advances across the country. According to press reports, Starbucks Chief Operating Officer John Culver told the company’s domestic workforce of roughly 220,000 employees […]


Starbucks Outlets On Lock Down In China

Starbucks has closed half of its outlets in China to protect its staff and support government efforts to contain the coronavirus. The coffee shop chain warned that the rapidly expanding infection is likely to affect its financial performance. Starbucks has almost 4,300 outlets in China, making it the company’s largest market outside the U.S. Chinese sales account for about 10% […]


Starbucks Pick-up-only Store Set For Launch In NYC

A change is coming to the Starbucks café near you. According to Starbucks head honcho Kevin Johnson, the company in its bid for revitalization and growth will be implementing a new strategy to enrich its customers’ experience. Johnson stated in an interview that the company will be rolling out a pick-up café in New York which will cater to busy […]


Starbucks Set To Open Shop In Jamaica

International coffee chain Starbucks has reportedly entered an agreement with Caribbean Coffee Traders Ltd, to open its first café in Jamaica. Starbucks on its website noted that the operation will be a joint venture between CEO of Margaritaville Caribbean Group, Ian Dear, and Deputy Chairman and CEO of Sandals Resorts International, Adam Stewart. This new move will make Jamaica the […]


Starbucks Hot On Jamaica’s Coffee

According to jamaicaobserver.com, the Michael Lee-Chin-owned Wallenford Coffee Company Ltd will supply large chain Starbucks with Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) coffee in Japan, starting this month. Starbucks Reserve Wallenford JBM coffee will sell for 6,330 yen or about J$6,500 per 250 grammes (nine ounces) in Japan. The development comes within the context of the proliferation of 100 yen single-serve coffee […]


Starbucks Honors Coffee Artistry And Espresso Craft With New Flat White

A company has four choices when it comes to developing brands. It can introduce line extensions, brand extensions, multibrands, or new brands. Starbucks has proven time and again that it is a master at developing product strategies. The company in a recent press release has announced the introduction of a new core espresso offering with the launch of the Flat […]


How Safe Is WiFi At Starbucks?

This question originally appeared on quora.com: How Safe is WiFi At Starbucks? Matthew Lai, CS grad student at Imperial College London, Pilot, Chess player, and Classical musician, answers the question thus: It’s safe, in the vast majority of cases, and you don’t need to do anything special, or know what VPN, HTTPS, or TOR mean. It’s tiring to see all […]