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How To Make Your Noodle Soup With A Difference

The sizzle is nothing. Food is everything. Obey your taste. Cheers to something completely different – the chicken noodle soup! Packed with onions, and pungent pepper with a hint of garlic, and ginger to help boost the immune systems and that’s just to get you ready. Don’t forget the veggies for extra nutrients—and to put you into cruise motion use […]


How To Make Jamaican Pepperpot Soup

Jamaican Pepperpot soup is a great way to eat soup with a difference. This richly spiced dish is traditionally served on a Friday or Saturday for dinner, but today is eaten at any time of the day or week. A vegetarian version of this soup can be easily made by removing the meat and using vegetable bouillon cubes. Ingredients: 1 […]