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5 Bewitching Features Of Apple Watch

Apple’s entry into the watch market has not only created excitement, but also rekindled interest in the wearing of watch as part of one’s lifestyle. The fact is watches were silently going out of vogue or fashion especially among generation xers and millenials. Now, comes Apple with their wide range collection of watches and “To wear it is to love […]


Naturally Thin Women Are Wired Differently

“Here are the characteristics” Naturally, thin women who are healthy and energetic do not obsess over what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. A distinction can be made  between the healthy thin and the “un-healthy” thin woman. There are women who obsess over being thin and will unfortunately adopt potentially damaging habits such as: Eating disorders […]


The Battle Of The Smart Watches

Today, the dictates of the marketplace is innovate or perish. The fact is companies can no longer afford to sit back and wait on things to happen they have to adapt to the fast-changing global marketing environment if they want to remain in business or compete effectively. For example, one of the few companies that has shown how to navigate […]