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Should You Sleep With Your Pets?

For many of us, it is perfectly natural to snuggle up next to a four-footed companion at the end of each day. For others, the idea fills them with horror at the thought of a potentially bacteria infested animal sharing the same bed. Fear of sharing a bed leading to aggression and other behavioral issues have also long kept our […]


How To Stay Healthy When Everyone Else Is Getting Sick

When someone starts sniffling at the office, it can result in fear and dread for everyone else. No one wants to catch a cold, but for those with a weak immune system, it seems inevitable. Thankfully, even if you tend to catch every cold that goes around, there is still something you can do about it this cold season. Wash […]


Self-Love: Your Guide To A Happier You

The mindset of the average person is that self-love is simply another word for selfish. We are encouraged to sacrifice for our kids and careers, put in long hours, and put ourselves last in everything we do. Anything else is considered downright narcissistic, but is that right? The truth is that self-love is an important part of taking care of […]