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Government To Sell Shares In Toll Road Company

According to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, members of the public will soon get an opportunity to buy shares in the toll road company TransJamaican Highway Limited’s (TJH). The initial public offering (IPO) could commence next month. “We are hoping sometime in early February or thereabouts,” said Holness. The Government’s sale of shares in the toll road company, which operates the […]


Antigua And Barbuda’s Government Share Oil Stake With People

The Antigua and Barbuda government is set to sell 10 percent of its shares in the state-owned West Indies Oil Company (WIOC) with its people. Founded in 1961, WIOC was purchased in 1976 by the government, which four years later sold 75 percent of the company to National Petroleum. WIOC facilities operate only as a terminal for oil products with […]