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Eat Fish To Keep Going

Couples who eat more fish and seafood tend to have sex more often and may find it easier to conceive a child, reports an American study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. The studies noted that both men and women who are eager to have a baby should increase the amount of fish and seafood in their diet. […]


Sex And Use Of Drugs Among U.S. High School Students Show Decreasing Trends

According to cdc.gov, the 2017 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) paints a promising picture about the drug and sexual behaviors U.S. high school students report. However, the agency noted that the findings also leave cause for concern – especially among groups of young people who report multiple health risks. “The health of our youth reflects the Nation’s wellbeing,” said […]


Happy 100th, Mickey Spillane!

Crime novelist Mickey Spillane, born 100 years ago this March, was one of the best-selling authors in American publishing history. His signature character Mike Hammer became the prototype for the cynical, break-the-rules, drink-while-on-duty private investigator, while also managing to nab his perps without cellphones, computers, DNA testing, facial recognition software, and similar frills. And as for women, well……Mike’s personal admiration for the […]


Reverend Clinton Chisholm Puts Sexual Purity In Perspective

Jamaican renowned scholar and theologian, the Reverend Clinton Chisholm, in an article in the press noted that “it would be difficult to advance a case from the New Testament justifying any sexual practice other than marital, consensual, heterosexual intercourse.” He noted that the Biblical position on sexual purity is not only unbridled and clear but also assumes the highest standard. […]


Straight Talk On Sex And Sexual Abuse

The Reverend Clinton Chisholm in an opinion piece on rjrnewsonline.com entitled, Plain Talk on Sex & Sexual Abuse, not only waxed eruditely on the subject but also provided insightful pertinent information on the topic. He bemoaned the fact that sexual abuse of minors is far too prevalent in society, and the church is too sex shy to confront sexual issues. […]


What Is Safe Sex?

“It is confusing!” So the medical community may have confused the general public when in the heights of the HIV/AIDS epidemic the prevention message was “practice safe sex. Perhaps we stopped short of describing was safe sex is”. In a world where persons feel more liberated to expressed themselves and are willing to try “something different” to reignite libido and […]


‘Female Viagra’ Gets Nod From FDA Advisory Committee

According to a CNN report, a drug aimed at helping women who’ve lost their sex drive cleared a key hurdle Thursday, winning backing from an FDA panel. An FDA advisory committee voted 18-6 to recommend that the FDA approve the drug flibanserin for the treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder in premenopausal women. The panel’s recommendation will be given to […]


Christians In Jamaica Call For The Boycott Of The Film Fifty Shades Of Grey

According to press reports, many Christians in Jamaica have joined the international campaign mounted by domestic violence activists, religious leaders, and conservative politicians in their call for the boycotting of the erotic film Fifty Shades of Grey. The film is already banned in countries such as Kenya, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia, among others. Notwithstanding, the film continues […]


What Does It Mean When Sex Is Painful?

“Something is wrong!” Sexual Intercourse Sexual intercourse is also known as coitus and copulation. There are a plethora of street names for this biological function. It is the penetration and thrusting of the penis in the vagina which normally culminates in orgasm, an intense sexual pleasure. This is the anticipated outcome of sexual intercourse. Dyspareunia Persistent or recurrent painful sexual […]


Kangaroos Mating Act

What goes on in one’s bed bedroom is not only tame to what obtains in the animal kingdom in the wild, but makes for interesting and fascinating reading and observation. Although for the kangaroo, most mating takes place around spring and early summer their mating extend beyond that to an all-year act. Biologist, Emily Miller, of the University of Sydney […]