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Government Set To Spend $567.18 Million In Schools Infrastructural Projects

Jamaica’s Government is set to spend $567.18 million to carry out infrastructural projects within schools for the 2020/21 period. This move follows a 60 percent reduction from the initial allocation of $1.42 billion allocated in the 2020/21 Budget for the Ministry’s capital projects. The drastic cut in budgetary allocation is attributed to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Minister […]


Professor Shepherd — Make History Compulsory In School

Historian and Director of the Centre for Reparation Research at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, Professor Verene Shepherd, has called for the teaching of history to be made compulsory in school. Professor Shepherd posited the view as Jamaica seeks to mark 182 years since Emancipation on August 1. “We must teach the children the truth and to […]


South Africa Puts School Under Lock Down Following COVID-19 Rise

South Africa has been forced to close its public schools again for a month from Monday following the recent surge of the novel coronavirus in the country, said President Cyril Ramaphosa. The country has witnessed 408,052 people infected by the disease, the fifth highest in the world, and the death of more than 6,000 people. Rising infections have caused concern […]


Bahamas — No More Sugary Drinks!

Bahamas’ Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands has recently announced that his government will be acting to ban all sugary drinks from all government healthcare facilities and public schools.  He said the ban will become effective on December 1, 2019. Dr. Sands lamented the fact the ban did not come sooner as the country is becoming more and more unhealthy. […]


Shaw Seeks To Make The Use Of Bananas Mandatory In Schools’ Nutrition Program

Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw is seeking to make the use of bananas mandatory for all schools in their nutrition program. This move will not only offer children better nutrition but also reduce the import bill on flour and rice. The Minister stated that schools would be offered the bananas at a reduced cost. Mr. Shaw lamented the country’s high food […]


Meet Alex Jones — Mr. Jones!

In the annals of school history and academic performance, Alex Jones is no ordinary student. Jones in his quest for knowledge, has taken high school classes while completing his college degree at the same time. Jones reportedly said, “From the beginning, traditional schools were somewhat unchallenging and unsatisfying. I love learning. I don’t know about school, but it’s definitely a […]


88-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Gets High School Diploma

Age could not stop 88-year-old Holocaust survivor Esther Begam from walking down the aisle to collect her high school diploma. This was a dream come true for Begam, given the denial of a high school education by the Nazis decades ago. Amidst cheering multiple generations of family members, well-wishers, and students, Begam exuded joy as she proudly accepted her award. […]


Political Rituals and Hot Air Without Action After Gun Violence In School

People cry for action not a bag a mouth after Umpqua Community College shooting. Another day and another group of students killed within what ought to be a sanctuary for students — a school. Now, one of the first duties of any government is to offer protection to its citizens by any means necessary. However, not many family members, colleagues, […]


Back To School

Did you know America ranks the lowest in education but the highest in drug use?  It’s nice to be number one, but we can fix that.  All we need to do is start the war on education.  If it’s anywhere near as successful as our war on drugs, in no time we’ll all be hooked on phonics — Leighann Lord. […]