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Oil Propels Saudi GDP Growth To Near 10 Percent In The First Quarter

Saudi Arabia records its fastest economic growth rate in a decade as the oil sector fuels a 9.6 percent rise in the first quarter. Saudi Arabia’s economy has registered a nearly 10 percent rise in its first-quarter compared to the same period last year thanks to high global crude prices. The world’s largest oil exporter reported its fastest economic growth […]


Saudi Arabia Set To Pump More Oil

Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s largest oil producers in keeping with its commitment to the OPEC Plus agreement is set to increase its oil output with an additional volume of 400,000 barrels per day monthly. The Saudi cabinet in a meeting has called for stability in oil markets and for a de-escalation of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Given the […]


Saudi Women Break Driving Glass Ceiling

Women in Saudi Arabia are crying free at last, free at last as the ban placed on them for driving was lifted over the weekend. Saudi Arabia, known as the only country in the world that effectively banned women from driving put that convention to rest as women could be seen celebrating their freedom behind the wheels as they hit […]


35 Asians Caught In Act Of Anti-Religious Behavior In Saudi

According to a press report, a group of 35 Asians have been arrested by the Saudi religious police for hosting a “depraved” and “loud” birthday party near the sacred city of Mecca. The group made up of 25 men and 10 women were celebrating the birthday of one of their friends in a recreational area when the Saudi religious police […]