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Samsung Set To See 52% Jump in Profit

South Korean multinational electronics technology company Samsung reportedly said it expects to post a 52% jump in profit for the 2021 last quarter, amid the global chip shortage. The world’s biggest memory chip maker estimates that it made $11.5 billion in the period. That would be its highest fourth-quarter operating profit in four years. The company’s earnings were boosted by […]


Samsung Still In Fight With Apple Over Copyright Infringement

Samsung, the South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, is again in a spot of bother. According to press reports, Samsung had opted to fight the massive fine imposed for alleged copyright infringement of Apple products. However, the company was jolted by the news that the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected their appeal. In […]


The Battle Of The Smart Watches

Today, the dictates of the marketplace is innovate or perish. The fact is companies can no longer afford to sit back and wait on things to happen they have to adapt to the fast-changing global marketing environment if they want to remain in business or compete effectively. For example, one of the few companies that has shown how to navigate […]


Samsung Goes Metal And Glass In New Cell Phone Debut Showing

The South Korean giant manufacturer, Samsung is not accepting the competition lying down or ceding the market to anyone, but has up the ante as it unveiled its new range of cell phone, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The two models have a display that curves around the left and right edges so that information can be glanced on […]


Samsung Makes It A Foursome But Little Excitement In The Market For It

With customers in ecstasy over Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Samsung’s new launch of its Galaxy Note 4 may just not be enough to have customers gasping for it. The fact is the noise of Apple’s new product launch is sufficient to drown out any new cell phone offer at this time. However, given the intensity and the nature […]


Samsung Continues To Dish Out New Gadgets

The non-stop unveiling of new gadgets in the marketplace by the South Korean electronics company Samsung has marketers and tech writers talking and writing constantly while at the same time keeping consumers smiling. Today, the company’s market offering is like an “eat all you can eat buffet.” In their latest product launch, they showed off a few of their latest gadgets which include […]