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Vatican Stands Firm On Same-Sex Blessings

The Vatican is defending its move to bless same-sex couples after pushbacks from bishops who called the move heretical. The Vatican said it is vital that all bishops’ conferences respect the decision made by Pope Francis last month. In a five-page statement on Thursday, the Holy See’s office to safeguard doctrinal orthodoxy, insisted that blessing same-sex couples is not heresy, though it […]


Indian Government Frowns On Same-Sex Marriage

According to press reports, the Indian government has told the country’s Supreme Court that marriage is an “exclusively heterogenous institute,” opposing petitions seeking to legalize same-sex marriage. The Narendra Modi-led government has contested the petitions, stating that the legislation surrounding same-sex marriage is a process that the government upholds. It added that allowing gay marriage would allow an “urban elitist […]